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Welcome to Funky Kids! Many collectors, and just fans of small toys are constantly looking for new ways to detect serial or collectible toys. Sometimes it takes months to find such toys.

Thus in a collection get absolutely not necessary tops, useless flounces, rings and bracelets. They are now filled with most of the capsules. The real connoisseur of toys wants to buy something really worth the money that was given for the surprise.

Buying an egg for a child, you also want to see in his eyes delight, not disappointment, so try to reveal the main secrets of choosing a collectible toy.

What is a collection (series)

Every year, Kinder Surprise eggs contain several dozen collections of various toys, but only a small part of them is of real value. First of all, these are toys that have been marked in advance as licensed or serial toys. Each toy is a character from the famous cartoon, comic book, games. They are considered the main, and other toys are only additional collections.

Until the 2000s, toys from the series were painted by hand, today this task is assigned to the 3-D printer. The main distinguishing feature of the serial toy from the usual – the shade of the capsule. Ordinary toys (animal figurines, crayons, bracelets, small machines) are placed in a yellow capsule, collectible toys are contained in dark orange capsules.

Made of quality plastic, they are bright and eye-catching. Naturally, it is not possible to collect collectible toys, in most cases they are in no way inferior to serial toys, but the number of them is much smaller, and the quality does not always correspond to the cost.

So, if serial toys based on the cartoon “Ugly I 3” in the series 2017-2018 – 10, the usual Speedways on ice (series the same as) Collect them easier than a collection of serial toys and they are caught more often.

Ringinging and silent eggs

Choosing chocolate eggs for a child or to replenish your own collection, you want to get to the toy, which is not yet available. It is very difficult to define a collection series in an egg. One of the main ways is to study the contents of the collection in advance.

To do this, just go to the official website of Ferrero and see what kind of toys are considered collectible and are available in the appropriate orange capsule. Pay attention to the size and approximate weight of the toy, its integrity.

So, if the toys are solid and small in size, it is likely that you will have to look for a ringing egg, those that knock when you shake the capsule quickly. If the toy consists of several details, volume and accompanied by stickers, it may not knock. To save space, such a toy is wrapped in stickers and a liner, so it becomes silent.


Eggs with a series of toys by Hello Kitty 2015-2016 almost do not make any sound. At the same time, toys with minions sound good, so they can be easily confused with other solid toys from the non-main collection.

So, having a good musical ear and knowing what should be in the capsule, you can at least roughly choose the right toy.

If a serial hippo or minion is not caught, listening to eggs will at least protect you from buying useless key chains, rings and turntables. Small in size, they sound very loud and therefore reveal them quite realistically.

Weight is important.

On the packaging of a normal kinger egg, it weighs only 20 grams. In fact, it is not. The standard weight of eggs with a toy is 29-35 grams. The heavier, better-quality plastic serial toys weigh a couple of grams more than the ones in the main series.

Naturally, asking for an egg to be weighed in a shop is not an option, the scales may not be accurate. A way out of the situation can be found by buying a pocket scale, with which to go shopping for kindaers. It will look strange from the outside, but everyone has their own quirks, and there is nothing wrong with buying kinder eggs.

If you don’t have two identical eggs at hand, you can try to weigh them on the eye. In heavy kinders there are the most worthy toys – these are motorcycles, big cars, whole toys. Rings, bracelets and other small things like stickers weigh quite a bit.

So, if an egg with a collectible toy reaches the weight of 33-35 grams, an ordinary ring weighs 25 and 27 grams. Exclude the rest of the toys, such as brushes and crayons will not work, but also to buy frank rubbish will not be possible.

Alphabetic code

Kinders are being implemented in many countries. However, only the first part of the name is retained, and the word “Surprise” itself is translated into the local language. Some time ago, the letters accompanying each egg were also preserved, which allowed connoisseurs of toys to find the desired kinder, without buying dozens of them and hundreds of them.

So, on the egg containing a collector’s toy, 2 English capital letters were to be placed under the expiration date. Not serial toys were accompanied by 1 such letter. Unfortunately, now this principle of determining the series does not work. Eggs with two letters may contain yellow capsules and vice versa.

Weighing and tapping Kinder Surprise for the right toy works at 50-60% of 100, but even these small percentages give the collector a chance to collect the required series.

Having studied carefully the series, which was released in the kinder and finding only 1 collector’s toy you can try to base your choice on the numerical and alphabetic designations accompanying the eggs, but the chances of success in this case are no more than 10-20%.

Kinder Surprise is the favorite toy of many children and adults. Over the entire history of the company, Ferrero has sold 30 billion eggs, which allows us to speak of a significant degree of popularity of both the chocolate and toys placed in a capsule. Kinder’s collection is gradually taking on a massive scale, which is not bad.