What kind of toys does a kid need under a year

What kind of toys does a kid need under a year

When choosing toys, parents should be guided by the age of the child. Games in a year and five years solve different problems. The first year of life of the baby is very important for him: in this period of time laid the foundation for physical, emotional, intellectual development.

Toys for visual perception

Newborn toys aren’t required. In the first month, the child needs the attention of parents, who will create a comfortable environment, feed and put to bed. Of course, the temptation to buy bright toys immediately after the birth of the baby is great, but it should be borne in mind that while the child can not focus on the objects – he sees only vague spots.

The mechanisms of visual and auditory perception will begin to form in one or three months. At this time it is possible to attach decorative monochrome spots to the crib edge or hang figures over the bed – the child will be able to focus his or her eyes on them. It is important that there are few bright objects, up to five.

They should be changed every five or six days. Toys above the bed should be at a distance of 25-40 centimeters from the child’s face.


The first rattles can be shown to the child when he turns one month old. Of course, he will not be able to take the toy, but he will listen to the sound. For a two-month-old child, it is worth choosing a rattle that you can put in his hand – a lightweight, handy little handle, preferably with a relief surface. The toy should make a small sound.

Development mat

From three months to six months, the child learns more and more movements. He not only looks at the environment, but also tries to feel the objects. You can expand the space for the game: half-year-old crumbs will suit developing mat.

It is desirable to purchase a model with arcs and removable rings, which will be able to attach toys (most importantly, that they were without small details, their baby can swallow). Pay attention to the fact that the mat was made of natural materials, pleasant to the touch.

Toys should be rotated every five to six days. They should be different in color, texture, make sounds – rustling, cracking. It is necessary that some toys the child could twist, others push or pull. It is worth to stock up on special rings and rattles, which the child will chew when his teeth emerge – they can also be hung on the arcs.

Toys for motor development

The baby from 7 months to a year actively develops fine motor skills. He collects and scatters dice, feels objects, topples them, tears the paper. Training fine motor skills is important because it affects the development of children’s speech, thinking, coordination, memory, imagination.

It is better to start with simple toys – parents can offer the child to fold dice, assemble a pyramid or a designer. Gradually it is possible to complicate the tasks. The child from year to year will be interested in magnetic mosaics, toys with doors and moving parts.

Toys for a one-year-old child

At this age, the baby learns to walk, he improves fine motor skills. The task of parents is not just to buy the right toys, but to teach the child to use them, to play with the baby, to speak aloud colors, names of animals.


This is an interesting and useful toy, which was invented by the teacher Maria Montessori. Sorter is needed to sort objects by different attributes. It consists of several parts – a container with windows of different shapes and sizes, and parts, inserts, corresponding to the holes. The baby needs to find a suitable window for each part.

The toy is intended for children 1-3 years old, but for each age the sorters will be different. It is necessary to start with simple ones. It is important that the sorter meets several conditions:

  • For each hole there should be one piece. If it can be placed in different holes, the child will not learn how to sort objects by size and shape. Pay attention to this, if you decide to buy a sorter with figures from textiles – the baby can push them into an inappropriate window.
  • The holes should be suitable for the size of the figures, so that the child can put the part in the desired window freely. The only exception is the sorters with a hammer: to drive the part into the window, the baby will have to work hard.


Offer your child a simple pyramid with several rings. When he or she learns to string them up, move on to a more complex toy.

You can buy a set of glasses of different sizes, from which a crumb should build a turret. At first, the baby will try to insert them into each other by force, regardless of size. But gradually learn how to relate the size of the mold with the place it takes in the tower.

Mosaics and puzzles

The first mosaic should be with large parts that need to be put in the cells. A one-year-old child can be taught to collect puzzles. Start with pictures divided into two parts. Gradually the number of fragments will increase: two-year-old child is able to collect puzzles that consist of 8-10 parts.