Understanding Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Understanding Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Understanding a large range of complicated specs is among the most difficult aspects of selecting a new hoover. First and foremost, consumers desire vacuum cleaners that provide the best cleansing capacity. And also a lot of customers normally correspond cleansing ability with “power” or “suction”.

Cleaning up capability is not practically power and also suction, despite the fact that these qualities are very important aspects of hoover efficiency. With a little information and also education, you will be able to look through the numbers and also much better recognize what the specifications mean as well as which ones are important to you.

Regrettably, there is no solitary score that shows cleansing ability. Nonetheless, there are a variety of key specifications, that when clearly comprehended, allow consumers to make enlightened decisions worrying which hoover will have the most effective cleansing capacity.

These primary requirements include watts, amps, volts, water lift (or secured suction), horsepower, air watts, and also airflow.

There are additionally a number of various other, secondary requirements that affect cleansing ability that we’ll additionally analyze. These consist of filtering, cleansing tools (agitation), capability, top quality, noise, functions and price.

In order to make sense of all this we initially need to understand the basics of exactly how a vacuum cleaner jobs.

All hoover operate based upon air moving from the opening at the cleaning head or tool, through the vacuum cleaner and also the bag and/or filter system and then out the exhaust port. This air movement is produced by the vacuum cleaner electric motor, which likewise may be described as the suction electric motor.

The vacuum motor contains electrical parts affixed to a follower or numerous fans. When the fans spin, a partial vacuum is developed as well as the pressure inside the hoover decreases below the ambient (or existing) air pressure in the space. Due to the fact that air pressure is greater outside the vacuum than within, air hurries through the vacuum cleaner.

So, it is very easy to see that the vacuum cleaner motor is the heart of a vacuum. Besides, the much more powerful the motor, the better the stress differential and also consequently the a lot more suction and air flow, right? And it is consequently that the majority of the specifications you see worrying cleansing capability associate either directly or indirectly to the electric motor.

Yet below’s where it obtains complicated. Specs for parts such as the motor do not necessarily connect to the efficiency of the entire vacuum, and also for that reason are only a part of the story.


The input power of the vacuum cleaner electric motor is measured in watts. Although this spec doesn’t consider the efficiency of the electric motor, the number of fans or the general vacuum cleaner layout, electric motor electrical power is a valid means to examine and compare the power of the motor.

While the perfect contrast is electric motor input power in watts of Item A contrasted to motor input power in watts of Product B, some suppliers do not offer motor input power specs in the form of watts but rather price the whole vacuum cleaner in amps. This can make it difficult to compare throughout brands.

Nevertheless, you can transform amps to watts by the formula, amps x 120 (volts) = watts. Or conversely, you can transform watts to amps by the formula, watts/volts (always 120) = amps. As an example, a 1400-watt motor converts to 11.67 amps (1400/120=11.67).

Comparing machines rated in amps with those rated in watts is not a specific comparison since producers that are making use of watt scores generally rate the motor just while amperage scores utilize the complete electric intake of the hoover consisting of the electric motor in the power nozzle (the mechanized rotating brush cleansing head), light bulb, etc

. This implies that a Power Team (a canister vacuum cleaner with a power nozzle) with a specification of 12 amps may be quite equivalent to an additional Power Group with a 1200-watt motor that converts to only 10 amps.

This is due to the fact that the power nozzle motor eats 1.5 amps, the light bulb makes use of extra amperage and so on. So, if we deduct the amperage made use of by the power nozzle motor from our 12 amp equipment, we develop 10.5 amps for the motor and also light bulb. In this instance, both electric motors both have rankings of very near 10 amps, as well as consequently, equivalent electric motor input power.

As a result, it is best to either compare electric motor input power in watts of both machines or if you have to contrast a maker ranked in watts with one ranked in amps, try to get the amperage ranking of the motor just as opposed to the whole vacuum. You can after that convert this to watts as well as have a significant comparison.

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